Americans reportedly buy 2 and a half billion pounds of avocados a year, but getting the pits out isn’t always easy. Learn the trick in today’s Chef’s Quick Tip with News 12 Connecticut’s Tina Redwine.
Instructions to take the pit out of an avocado:
1.You can use a steak knife if you don’t have a chef’s knife. Cut around the lengthwise circumference of the avocado and twist each half of the avocado and it will open to reveal the pit Hold your knife on the handle closest to the blade so you have better control of the knife.
2. You must only have that last inch of the blade closest to the handle inserted into the pit otherwise you will get hurt. Hold the knife about 6 inches or so above the pit and strike down into the pit with a quick and steady hit. You don’t want to use much force. Hit the avocado close to the heel of the knife.
3. Then take your thumb and pop the pit off the knife and be careful not to touch the knife.